Thursday, June 30, 2016

Join Me on the Road to More Personal Energy!

            We suffer from the most widespread energy crisis in history.  It has nothing to do with oil, gas or solar power.  It’s…it’s…it’s hard to get up in the morning.
            Indeed, it’s hard to get up -- period -- for a lot of what we must do. We used to think we didn’t have enough time, but the ugly truth is we just don’t have enough energy.
            The good news is that we can get more energy.  The bad news is that the ways we get it are often expensive, dangerous and counterproductive.  There are better ways.
            This new blog is about a different approach toward getting the energy to be ready, willing and able to live the successful, balanced life you want.  I’ll include the many energy tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years as a ultra-distance bicycle racer, consultant, trainer and all-around energy geek.
            Many energy insights are from my book, GettingUP! Supercharging Your Energy, and from the scores of energy seminars I’ve taught.  You’ll learn why:
§  Managing your energy, not your time, is the secret;
§  Getting more energy isn’t about what you drink…it’s about what you think;
§  Driving a stake through the hearts of the vampires sucking your life away might help;
§  Supercharging your energy is inexpensive, simple and fun.