Saturday, July 23, 2016

Life Imitates Long Distance Cycling

            PAC Tour is a great way to spend 18 daysif youre planning to write a book on energy because life imitates riding across the country.  Just ask Einstein, who knew a bit about energy.  He said, Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. And, on PAC Tour
§  Each day brings its own challenges;
§  The external obstacles, like mountains and traffic, are unchanging and uncaring;
§  The internal obstacles are tougher: pain, exhaustion, anxiety, confusion, discouragement, irritation, distraction;
§  Sometimes, you ride with friends; sometimes, you must ride alone;
§  You must decide how to spend your energy; how to save it; how to recover it;
§  Its a little dangerous;
§  Tomorrow, you ride again.

            At 66, Medicare card in my wallet, I became the oldest rider to complete this event since it began in 1995.  Some folks think its pretty impressive that an old fart like me could ride that long and hard.  In this book and my courses, Im going to argue that its no big deal compared to the amazing things YOU could do with more energy.
            To learn how to do that, stay tuned or check out my website,  Or, buy my book, Getting UP! Supercharging Your Energy.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Energy Lessons the of Long Road: The Challenge of Elite PAC

         The question Who are you to write about energy?  flicked through my mind as I stood in a San Diego motel parking lot in May 2015, working hard on Getting UP.  Fifteen other cycling lunatics and I were set to embark on Elite PAC Tour. 
            Humbly promoting itself as The Toughest Two-Week Bicycle Tour in the World,  Elite PAC is the brainchild of Lon Haldeman and Susan Notorangelo, two former Race Across America champions and holders of coast-to-coast cycling records.  The pairs company, PAC Tour, has shepherded more than 80 rides across America over three decades.
            Elite PAC is a 2,700-mile-plus dash from San Diego, California to Savannah, Georgia in just 18 days -- or an average of about 150 miles a day.  Designed for the strongest and most manic distance riders, it is not for the faint of heart.  Short of Race Across America itself, it is the ultimate test of a road bike riders cross-country energy and endurance.
            The United States is a big country, full of mountains, deserts, endless farms and un-remitting tar-and-chip-covered rough roads.  It demands UP over and over again.  To ride Elite PAC, I would have to work at Getting UP every time I got side-swiped by a speeding logging truck and in every pelting rain storm.  I had to Get UP to fight blast-furnace headwinds and to nurse my rickety knees over saw-tooth hills.
            To read how I did that, stay tuned.  Or, buy my book, Getting UP! Supercharging Your Energy.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

My Getting UP! Energy “Chops”

Racing in Alaska
                    Who are you to write about energy?  would be a perfectly good question for you to ask. 

            I am not:
§  An Olympic gold medalist;
§  A coach of Olympic gold medalist;
§  A promoter who has hired a coach of an Olympic gold medalist to sell diet supplements, exercise equipment and yoga vacations.

            I am like you:
§  Not as young as I used to be;
§  Dealing with the stress of too much to do and too little time to do it;
§  Striving to bring balance to a demanding life and career.

            One difference between us is that I may have way more energy than you do.  And Id like to tell you how you can get more energy yourself -- so you can do amazing things, better manage stress, and improve balance in your life. As I have told thousands of others in my energy seminars, you dont have to be Einstein to figure this out. And you dont have to buy anything.
            Except, of course, unless you want to buy my book, Getting UP! Supercharging Your Energy.
            Stay tuned to this blog and we’ll explore the amazing world of high energy!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

More Energy … More Blog!

                For several years, I have blogged about marketing and energy at my other blog  That blog will stay active, but much of my energy will go into this new blog based on my new book, Getting UP! Supercharging Your Energy.
            The book is available in both paperback and ebook formats and, frankly, makes great summer reading!   You’ll get a little extra energy just when you need it to enjoy the super summer weather.