Thursday, July 7, 2016

My Getting UP! Energy “Chops”

Racing in Alaska
                    Who are you to write about energy?  would be a perfectly good question for you to ask. 

            I am not:
§  An Olympic gold medalist;
§  A coach of Olympic gold medalist;
§  A promoter who has hired a coach of an Olympic gold medalist to sell diet supplements, exercise equipment and yoga vacations.

            I am like you:
§  Not as young as I used to be;
§  Dealing with the stress of too much to do and too little time to do it;
§  Striving to bring balance to a demanding life and career.

            One difference between us is that I may have way more energy than you do.  And Id like to tell you how you can get more energy yourself -- so you can do amazing things, better manage stress, and improve balance in your life. As I have told thousands of others in my energy seminars, you dont have to be Einstein to figure this out. And you dont have to buy anything.
            Except, of course, unless you want to buy my book, Getting UP! Supercharging Your Energy.
            Stay tuned to this blog and we’ll explore the amazing world of high energy!

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