Monday, August 1, 2016

Want A Free Midsummer Energy Boost?

            You can now download for free the ebook version of Getting Up! Supercharging Your Energy.  My new book details the strategies of my popular energy seminars that will help you reduce stress, accomplish more and improve work-life balance.  But hurry: the offer is only good until August 4 at 11 am EDT.
            The book’s focus on energy management -- and not just time management -- can help you, your team or your organization dramatically increase performance.
            Lots of books promise better performance…Getting Up! proves it.  Using its energy techniques, last year I rode a bicycle across America in just 18 days -- averaging 150 miles a day.  Not bad for a 66-year-old with a heavy training, consulting and teaching schedule!
            What could you do with that kind of energy?
            You (and your employees, friends, clients and family) can download the Kindle version of Getting Up! (normally $5.99) for free only until this Thursday at 11 am at
            Have a higher-energy summer!

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