Sunday, December 4, 2016

What Now? New Trump Energy Rules?

             One of my sharpest clients in financial services has come up with a personal-energy-based approached to navigating the new world of President-Elect Trump.  She’s advising her clients to watch for:
-- Pace over path
-- Inflection over momentum
-- Emotion over logic.
            Pace over path: Notice the amount of energy, not just where it’s going.  For example, deregulation might be a new direction for the new administration, but that will take a lot of time.  It can stop or slow down on enforcement almost immediately.
            Inflection over momentum: As we saw in the election, everything can change overnight. Expect sudden shifts in focus and energy.  Trends, the staple of prognosticators past, may not be so reliable any more.
            Emotion over logic:  Emotional energy is often more powerful than intellectual energy.  Just because something “makes sense” doesn’t mean it will happen  -- either in politics or economics.

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